Commercial Electrical

Commercial Electrical

Advances in technology, wear and tear, and unpredictable events lead to the need for upgrading or replacing electrical equipment. Many homes and businesses are equipped with insufficient electrical wiring for both power and quantity needed for the equipment to perform safety and efficiently. Even when homes and businesses are updated, expanded, or renovated, some technicians lack taking the extra step to add a new electrical panel and/or the existing wiring is left untouched. This is how NHG is different. NHG takes the extra step to see what is needed onsite to ensure your property’s safety is the top priority, followed by building electrical codes.

NHG Commerical Electrical Break Panel Row

Services include mounting the breaker box to the wall of the utility area, opening metal knockouts, levels the panel, grounds the wires, and more to ensure the panel is secure, safe, and abiding by codes.

NHG Commercial New Construction Electrical Setup

Wiring, when done correctly, makes your property safer and more secure. When done poorly, it can risk the lives of everyone in the building. NHG contractors can ensure all new wiring is to code, and ensure your safety.

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