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Limited Warranty

All warranty claims must be approved and arranged by an NHG staff member

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National HVAC Group’s Limited Warranty for the installation of New HVAC Equipment installed through National HVAC Group by a National HVAC Group approved network contractor.

General Limited Warranty Statement

National HVAC Group and the owner recognize that the warranties provided by the equipment manufacturer and the installation company to be the primary warranty. Failure of owner to ensure both installer and manufacturer warranties are in place, will result in the National HVAC Group’s warranty, being voided. It is the owner’s responsibility to register any purchased and installed equipment with the manufacturer. Equipment not covered under either the equipment manufacturer’s or installation company’s warranty, shall be warranted by National HVAC Group against failure due to defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, subject to the conditions, exclusions and time periods set forth herein. Our obligation shall be limited to repairing or supplying a replacement for the workmanship issue, failed part, assembly or portion thereof, which National HVAC Group’s inspection shall show to be defective.

Limited Warranty

The Limited Warranty provided by National HVAC Group is exclusive of and in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, and any warranty of merchant-ability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other implied warranty is disclaimed, it being understood that the installation is being provided, other than as specifically set forth herein, on an “AS IS” OR “WITH ALL FAULTS” basis. Should any implied or express warranty be found to exist despite the language of this general warranty, such warranty shall be limited in duration to the term of the limited warranty set forth herein. This warranty is not transferable. ­

Period of Coverage

National HVAC Group’s limited warranty will extend for a period of 24 months. This warranty period begins from the date of the project completion, which is reflected by the signed “Vendor Direction to Pay” document. Failure to sign the “Vendor Direction to Pay” document at the time of project completion, may result in a complete voiding of National HVAC Group’s warranty.

This Limited Warranty Does NOT Cover:

  • Any product or service not purchased and installed through National HVAC Group.
  • Failure due to voltage conditions, blown fuses or other damage due to inadequacy or interruption of electrical service.
  • Failure resulting from overfiring, use of incorrect fuel and improper burner or control adjustments.
  • Damage due to the freezing of water, inadequate or interrupted water supply, use of corrosive water or rearrangement of plumbing system and adequate quantity and use of propylene glycol.
  • Damage caused by accident, abuse, alteration, tampering or improper servicing and “Acts of nature”.
  • Damage due to improper service, lack of proper maintenance, improper handling, abuse, negligence and carelessness of operation.
  • Cost for any service calls, maintenance or cost of any diagnostics.
  • Any damages to any facility or property in which the new HVAC system is installed.
  • NHG must be given first opportunity to diagnose and repair the issue, otherwise the NHG warranty is void. Contact an NHG representative at 630-350-4500 for immediate assistance
  • National HVAC Group is a division of Commercial Insurance Services, Inc., an Illinois corporation.