Homeowner Heating

Homeowner Heating Repair and Replacement

Is it ever the right time for the heat to go out in your home? Rely on NHG to repair or replace your existing unit. With over four decades of experience from our sister-company CIS, NHG has the information, knowledge, experience, certifications, and partnerships to bring heat back into your home. With over 5,000 contractors nationwide, there is not a city, suburb, or rural destination we cannot provide service to. Let NHG service your home HVAC heating!

NHG Furnace Repair
Furnace Repair

Don’t’ let old man winter get you down.  When you furnace stops working, let one of NHG’s 5,000+ contractors get you back up and running, quickly and efficiently. 

NHG Boiler
Boiler Repair

NHG’s national contractors have the training and certifications necessary to ensure your boiler is running properly. With all the top brands, NHG will get your home heating right with a boiler repair

NHG Homeowner Heat Pump HVAC Unit
Heat Pump Repair

Whether there is a problem with the thermostat or the unit receiving power, NHG’s nationwide contractors have well-rounded experience with heat pumps that allow them to find the root cause and correct it.

NHG Furnace Replacement
Furnace Replacement

When it’s time for a new furnace, let NHG install a new energy efficient unit.  With the best brands on the market, NHG will solve all your heating needs. 

NHG Residential HVAC Boiler Unit
Boiler Replacement

With all the top brands available, NHG’s national contractors have the training needed to ensure your boiler is replaced correctly. Whether it was due to wear and tear or exceeding life expectancy, NHG is ready to perform the replacement.

NHG Residential Home Heat Pump Replacement
Heat Pump Replacement

With the recent conversion to R410a, let NHG replace your heat pump with the product that best suits your needs.