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Electrical Services

NHG provides Electrical repair and replacement services for residential and commercial properties. Everything from the breaker panel to the outlet, NHG can repair or replace the Electrical components. With a growing nationwide network of Electrical contractors, NHG is best solution with the longest extended warranty available!

NHG is CIS’ repair and replacement division. CIS provides the option for all CIS submitted assignments to be repaired or replaced by NHG for the estimate given in the CIS report. CIS is the only company that stands behind their estimates in court and will complete the work for the estimate given in the assignment. Put your trust in a company who has the network and credibility to handle your repair or replacement assignment with efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness.

NHG Fire Blown Breaker Panel
Homeowner Electrical

NHG can install high quality circuit breakers nationwide. With plenty of options to choose from, NHG makes it easy ensuring the panel chosen accommodates your space and needs without compromising safety.

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NHG Commercial Outside Backup Sport's Field Generator
Homeowner Generators

Generators keep the lights on, sump pumps running, and Wi-Fi devices operating. With the number of devices in the today’s homes, uninterrupted power is critical to daily life.

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NHG Repair and Replacement Flyer
NHG Flyer

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NHG Office Outlet Fire
Commercial Electrical

Electrical installation of wiring, and associated devices like switches, sockets, light fittings, and distribution boards, into a structure.

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NHG Commercial Generator Loss Tree Damage
Commercial Generators

Today’s businesses depend heavily on technology. From keeping the lights on to ensuring IT functionality, back-up generators play a critical role in maintaining the needs of everyday businesses.

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NHG Temporary Services
NHG Temporary Services Flyer

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