Temporary Heating

Temporary Heating Services

NHG has a fleet of portable heaters for indoor and outdoor applications. Ranging from 1, 5, 7.5, or 10-ton units, NHG has both electric and fuel fired models. Let NHG heat your business, school, church, rec center, event, or home anytime year-round. Temporary heating services are available in all 50 states, from the inner city to the suburbs and rural towns. When you choose to heat your application utilizing NHG services, rest assured that our experts will be there to help determine the correct unit to fit your space and project size.

NHG Portable Space Heater
Portable Space Heater

NHG’s Portable Space Heaters allow spaces to remain heated for as long as needed without the risk of overheating a space.

NHG Portable Heat Pump
Portable Heat Pump

Heat office spaces and warehouse rooms quickly and efficiently with NHG’s portable heat pumps.

NHG Ductable Heater
Ductable Heater

Control heat with the right equipment. NHG’s ductable heaters are safe, clean, and combustion-free heat with overheat protection capability.