Commercial Properties Cooling

Commercial Property Cooling Services

For over four decades, NHG’s sister-company CIS has been a lead consulting company for HVAC-related claims. Who better to trust with your HVAC repair or replacement needs than the nationwide company who continues to do it all? From packaged HVAC units to air handling units, NHG ensures you are getting the service you need by knowledgeable, certified, and vetted contractors.

NHG Commercial HVAC Cooling Unit
A/C Repair

Repairs include, but are not limited to, if the unit will not turn on, noise or excessive vibration, unit is humming, blowing warm air, or water is pooling around the unit.

NHG Commercial AC Unit
A/C Replacement

Replacements are best suited for older units, frequent breakdowns, comfort issues, excessive noise, weather-related breakdown, seeking lower energy bills, and seeking environmentally friendly.

NHG Repair and Replacement Flyer
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NHG Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers

Cooling tower repairs and replacements can be costly, but NHG utilizes a complete restoration plan that takes into consideration the condition of the basin, sidewalls, and distribution pan.

NHG Commercial Chiller

Over time, wear and tear builds up and a unit seeks repair or replacement. NHG can assist with defining where the unit is malfunctioning or breaking down and determine the scope of work.

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