Temporary Cooling

Temporary Cooling Services

NHG provides electrical services nationwide, which include temporary, backup, and emergency power, for residential and commercial applications. NHG facilities all projects nationwide to ensure you receive the highest quality products whether it is a repair or replacement. Let NHG provide you with peace of mind on your electrical project, and remember… One Call Does It All!

NHG Portable Air Conditioner
Portable Air Conditioners

NHG’s portable air conditioners provide spot cooling solutions perfect for supplemental and emergency situations.

NHG Large Air Conditioner
Large Air Conditioners

When in need of large area cooling for commercial, industrial, and construction applications, including special events like weddings and fundraisers, choose a temporary large air conditioner. 

NHG Commercial Air Handler
Air Handlers

Large area cooling for commercial, industrial, and construction applications are best suited by NHG’s temporary air handlers. 

NHG Air Mover
Air Movers

NHG’s air movers are the solutions for cooling, drying, and ventilation in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.  

NHG Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers

NHG’s cooling services for large commercial and industrial applications, like hospitals, are best suited by cooling towers.  

NHG Evaporative Cooling Fan
Evaporative Cooling Fans

Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and agricultural applications, like sporting events, patios, and restaurants, are the type of facilities perfect for temporary evaporative cooling fans.